Truffle salami

Truffle salami

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This product is the gratifying result of imaginative culinary experiments carried out by the Battilani family. The truffle salami is distinguished by its lean medium-grain mixture, prepared with salt, a slight spiciness, and the addition of the ground black truffle that gives this salami its unmistakable flavour.

The salami is aged with extreme care in our own well-ventilated rooms over a period of about 40 days. Great for sandwiches, but also for serving and savouring with quality red wines.

Weight about 250 gr.
Producer Battilani Sapori
Shelf Life 5 months from the packaging date
Conservazione store in a cool place
Shipping method food wrapping paper
Qualità pure selected pork meat
Ingredients pork, truffle 5%, salt, pepper, dextrose, flavourings, sucrose, antioxidant E301, preservative E252.
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