Capocollo cured pork

14,41 €

20,00 € / Kg


For the creation of this capocollo our butchers choose the most delicious parts of the pig's neck and shoulder, flavouring them with local spices, salting, and then massaging the meat so that the flavour penetrates deeply. After massaging, the meat is dried, beginning a seasoning process that lasts for two months.

The result is an indescribable flavour, rich in the aromas and scents of the countryside. We recommend serving it very thinly sliced.

Weight 750gr
Producer Battilani Sapori
Shelf Life 5 months from the packaging date
Conservazione store in a cool place
Shipping method vacuum-packed
Qualità pure selected pork meat
Ingredients pork, salt, garlic, pepper, dextrose, sucrose, flavourings, antioxidant E301, preservative E252
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