Crostino Toscano - Tuscan toasted bread topping

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Toasted bread with chicken liver pâté, sometimes referred to as crostini neri, is a traditional Tuscan dish that is also popular in Umbria. There are several variations on the theme, which would traditionally have been prepared two or three times a month to use up leftover dry bread, first dipped in stock or vin santo.

Weight 212 gr
Conservazione once opened, keep refrigerated and consume within 5 days
Shipping method vacuum jar
Ingredients chicken liver and gizzard, beef, extra virgin olive oil, onions, red wine (contains sulphites), vin santo (contains sulphites), salted capers, carrots, celery, tomato sauce, parsley, anchovies, apple vinegar (contains sulphites), salt, natural vegetable stock (onions, courgettes, celery, carrots, salt, basil, tomato sauce, extra virgin olive oil).
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