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Pecorino di Pienza - Sheep milk cheese

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This cheese is made from sheep milk sourced exclusively from pastures in the Val d'Orcia, an area renowned for its particular mix of wild aromatic herbs, including thyme, savory and artemisia, giving the local sheep milk cheese its exquisite flavour.

The cheese is placed in special cellars where it is aged for at least four months. During this period of ageing the rind is treated with vegetable oil to keep its flavour intact. After four or five months of ageing the cheese is put on the market. It has a sweet and decisive flavour. Fresh Pienza pecorino cheese is ideal for light appetizers, bread roll fillings, on toast, or in sandwiches and cheeseburgers. Try pairing it with light and fresh white wines, or Charmat method sparkling wines, as well as rosé sparkling wines, which will enhance the flavour.

Weight 400 gr (¼ form)
Producer Battilani Sapori
Shelf Life 6 months from the packaging date
Conservazione store in a cool place at a temperature of + 4 ° / + 8 ° C
Shipping method vacuum sealed
Ingredients Pasteurized sheep milk, salt, rennet, selected milk enzymes, sunflower oil (rind).
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